Kick-off Times in the Matchday App

As a trial – coaches will be able to update their own kick-off times each week through the FA Matchday app.

The window to update your kick-off times week will open on Friday evenings and close at 10pm each Monday. This deadline is to ensure that times are not changed after the allocation of referees has been completed. If you need to update your kick-off outside this window, please contact your age group rep and they will make the change for you.

Age group reps will continue to set kick-offs for new fixtures at the times already agreed as part of your clubs ‘pitch sharing’ information (as supplied to the league at the start of the season).

Please remember that matches have to kick-off no earlier than 09:00 and no later than 12:00 (unless mutually agreed between the two teams).

Also, the updating of times in the Matchday App does not replace the need to communicate match details directly with the opposition coach no later than Wednesday’s and with referees no later than Thursday’s.

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