League Contacts

Our league provides hundreds of teams and thousands of youngsters with the opportunity to play development and competitive football.

Run by a dedicated group of local volunteers, the North Bury League operates for the benefit of the children taking part in the fixtures and competitions we organise.

Our priority is maximising the enjoyment and welfare of young footballers.

We cover age groups from under 7’s to under 17’s.


ChairpersonMike Chaloner07723 602425 mikenblchair@gmail.com
SecretaryGraham Souter07803 201216 gisouter@icloud.com
TreasurerNeil Watsonthewatson5@sky.com
Child Welfare OfficerDean Watsondean_wat90@hotmail.com
Discipline SecretaryLynn Telfernorthburydisc141@gmail.com
Referees SecretaryGareth Schofield07963 313603nbjfl_refsec@hotmail.com


Age GroupContactTelephoneE-Mail
Under 7’s & 8’sMike Chaloner07723 602425mikenblchair@gmail.com
Under 9’sTBC
Under 10’sLuke Fitzpatrick07548 206371fitzpatrickluke92@gmail.com
Under 11’s & 12’sChris Newton07514 095943chrisnewton.1@hotmail.co.uk
Under 13’sShelley Warden07545 136506shellwnbjfl@gmail.com
Under 14’sJohn McElvaney07792 568062bluemaca@yahoo.com
Under 15’sGary Oldfield07984 768357gnorthburyjfl@outlook.com
Under 16’sSteve Byrne07812 101619sbyrne.nbjfl@outlook.com
Under 17’sMike Waller07910 281373 mikew18.nbjfl@yahoo.com
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