Football Association Information

The F.A. provide a host of useful guides for grassroots youth football

FA Matchday App Guide

This link takes you to the FA frequently asked questions site for the Matchday app.

Youth Football Guide

This essential guide to youth football covers player safety, creating an enjoyable environment, match day best practice, age specific laws and regulations etc.

The Mini-Soccer and
Youth Futsal Handbook

Without Laws there would be no football. But when very young children play there are many other things to consider too.


This link takes you directly to the Football Associations website pages relating to safeguarding children in football.

Covid Advice

Latest guidance for the return of grassroots football – updated 16th July 2021

Football is the greatest game in the world.
It is played by more people across the globe than any other sport. For a privileged few, it is how they earn a living. But for the vast majority of people who play the game, it is a fun, leisure activity for all ages, to be enjoyed.
We can all help our children enjoy the game more, by creating the right environment. By allowing them to play with freedom. By letting them make mistakes. By encouraging them to make their own decisions.

We can #LetThemPlay

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